Mobile design with device-to-device networks

On February 2019, I gave a talk on “Mobile design with device-to-device networks” at the Open Source Design track in the FOSDEM conference. This post is adapted from my slides and notes.

An embodied installation to explore memory and communication

This article discusses an interactive installation created at the Interaction Design Master in Malmö. The research phase used cultural probes to explore how people could retell each others' life stories using drawings and collages. The experience of filling up the probes was meaningful and valuable for the participants, and we attempted to translate that experience to an embodied installation: a large wooden machine, similar to a printing press, augmented with many interactive behaviours.

P2P presentations

MeshPresenter is an Android app that explores the use of ad-hoc proximity networks to make presentations more open to collaboration. The beta version is available here. If you would like to know more about how the app came about and how it works, please keep reading.

Web browsing UI research

A literature review of research in Web browsing, followed by a collection of ideas and experiments with an interactive prototype. Adapted from a series of blog posts in my Igalia blog between 2011 and 2013.

Reseach in Interaction Design

A review of three approaches to research in Interaction Design. Adapted from my Interaction Design master thesis.

La sagesse

On ne reçoit pas la sagesse, il faut la découvrir soi-même après un trajet que personne ne peut faire pour nous, ne peut nous épargner, car elle est un point de vue sur les choses.